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Circle of the Sublime Elms​​​​​​​

for the open-minded & free spirited




A Place Where All Paths Are Welcome​​​​​​​

We put together this sacred circle in 2009. Since, we have had at least two rituals per month. Celebrating the Esbats (dark & full moons) and all Sabbats! At the Circle of the Sublime Elms, some have practiced all of their life and others began practicing here. The members are all-embracing with many abilities & attributes; offering vast enthusiasm & passion to share each other's paths. We go all-out to encourage participation and encourage each other to prepare and promote their paths with a different theme for almost every circle.

Bringing Pagans Together


We come to the Circle to honor the old paths and our Mother Earth. Even though we travel our own individual spiritual paths, it is through our connections that we are able to understand and become our sublime selves.

In the circle, you can reawaken your spirituality and let go of what no longer serves your higher purpose. We also offer seating for curious individuals with an active desire to learn or to know more about paganism but feel more comfortable to just sit and observe. Come join us for a free public moon ritual, and consider becoming a member!

Individuals are eligible for Guild membership after attending 3 rituals and/or classes (including the required ritual etiquette class for new members). Membership includes access to our 4 high sabbat rituals and special events, as well as 10-20% off a long list of Central Florida pagan friendly businesses. Check out our Member Resources page for more information!

We are open to all traditions and levels of experience. If you wish to join us our doors are open to you. Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!

With Love & Light Always,

Justin & The COSE Council


Sublime is a wonderful word and means so much

It means to make something pure: to make something such as an emotion finer or purer beautiful: so awe-inspiringly beautiful as to seem almost heavenly;

"the composer at his most sublime"; morally worthy: of the highest moral or spiritual value, or intellectual worth.

To elevate or exalt especially in dignity or honor; to render finer (as in purity or excellence)
to convert (something inferior) into something of higher worth; elated; joyful.....


Our Roots

Ulmus Campestris 
Because of its rich foliage and sap, the Elm is sacred to Saturn, Roman god of agriculture. Representing fertility, it foretells that your wish will meet with success. Its other meaning is the need to give way and let nature run its course, to sacrifice what you have for what could be. Elmwood is flexible and durable and does not rot when wet. You probably know in your heart that your wish will be granted. A hopeful sign is that Elm twigs are used as divining rods. The Elm tree stands at the entrance to the underworld as a living connection between the living and the dead. What comes to you is blessed by heaven. It may be that all you need do is wait and have faith in nature.​​​​​​​